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Radio Stations


Much thanks to WBCP, IL (Tracy Thomas), WFSK, TN (Sharon Kay), WEIB, MA (AJ Parrish), WGMC, NY (Derrick Lucas), WJAB, AL (Jackie Anderson), WFSS, NC (Jimmy Miller) WSNC, NC (Pat Hall), WBRH, LA ( Rob Payer),  KBBG, IA (Beverly Douglass), KRSC, OK (Braeton Hightower), WRTC, CT (Bob Parzych), WVUD, DE (J. Michael Foster), WPRL, MS (Jerome Myles),, FL (Doug Sinclair), WINR, TX, (Greg), Mark Stanley (Soundtraxx) KMNR,  MO (Katie Czeschin) for the airplay, WUEV, IN (Jon Klotz),, Europe (Wes Gillespie), KAUP, AR (Finley Hill),, England (Rod Lucas), (Ronald Jackson)        

The following is a good list of radio stations for your listening pleasure. They provide excellent jazz programming as well as other styles of music.,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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