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“Transitions,” the new record from producer/drummer/keyboardist Darryl Alexander features performances by Kenny Blake, Ken Karsh, Brett Williams, Pete Tokar, Wilbur Krebs, Fred Ervin, Joe Graziosi, John Madgett, and Brandon Howard (Urban Jazz Coalition).

“Transitions,” spotlights 11 original songs.

“What I enjoy working with this group is there is a lightheartedness in their soul, and it comes out in their performances,” says Darryl. I remember Kenny Blake saying one day in the studio that EMS personnel see some pretty horrific things every day. As artists we have an opportunity to make someone’s day just a little bit lighter, little bit easier, even if just for a moment.

Wilbur has a wonderful garden which kept us well fed, and the big surprise was finding out an remarkable connection that I had to Brett.

“Transitions” opens with “On E. Street” which is a hip, fun song that is very danceable. Hey Senorita is a modern samba selection that really grooves and is a salute to the Latino culture. Cruzin is an exotic song that takes the listener to a haven somewhere in the world. The blending of jazz with funk, hip hop, latin, rock and r&b are what made the songs on this record fun to record.

“Transitions” was mixed by gold record recording engineer Pete Tokar at The Reel Thing in Cleveland, Ohio, as well as Buddy Hall of Beacon Hill in Pittsburgh, PA, both who have a way of causing everyone to relax and have an enjoyable time. A welcome addition to this record was gold and platinum mastering engineer Martin Walters. It was a privilege to be able to work with this wonderful cast of musicians and made the recording of  “Transitions” more about the fellowship of friends, new and old, who just happen to be musical artists.


    Industry Quotes

  • “I absolutely love your album and have been playing it.  WSNC Patricia Hall #jazzladywsnc


  • Thanks for the good grooves, there are several nice tunes on the album! WUEV Jon b jazz flight producer


  • The musicianship is flawless here, from the tickling of the ivories to the delicate and cool guitar runs to the seductive call and caress of the sax.  You can sense how comfortably each musician interacted with the others. The right musicians + the right material = One well-oiled production here – Ronald Jackson, thesmoothjazzride.com


  • A soulful album that gives you a good feelingPatrick Van De Wiele , keysandchords.com